Pilot overall

The overall is part of the Personal Protective Equipment category and is made of Nomex fabric. The protection refers to situations of exposure to high temperatures or fire. The chest and back sides are made of a single element.

The back is fitted with two folds which ensures the product’s easiness. At the sleeves termination are mounted Velcro straps. The waist adjustment is made through a string and Velcro.

The eight zippered pockets and / or Velcro are applied to the chest, the knees, the lower part of the overall and the left sleeve. On the shoulders are mounted epaulets secured with Velcro. The overall is closed on the front side with double slider zipper.

For an easier coating, in the lower-central part, are mounted vertical zippers. On the upper part, on the chest and sleeves, are applied Velcro panels for ID badges.

Characteristics: nomex, kevlar, antistatic thread, 150 g/sqm

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