Coverall suit with blouse and trousers

CEarc electric 7ka clasa 2AntistaticIngnifug EN 11612-200801 Ingnifug EN 14116-200801 chimic01 sudura


Field of use:

Protective clothing against the electrical arc effects of short-circuit  (1st class - I=4kA and 2nd class - I=7kA).

Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing and against superficial mechanic aggression, when being used as a part of a system completely bond to the ground in order to avoid electric discharge which might cause a fire.

It offers limited body protection against ocassional contact with open flame or sparks, against thermoconvection, thermal radiation and contact heat, during different activities done close to some low-degree heat sources. Protective clothing which offers limited body protection against liquid chemical solutions of low aggressiveness or medium toxicity in form of liquefied gas aerosol, fog and superficial spattering and against melted mettal drops during the welding activity.

Characteristics: nomex, kevlar, antistatic thread, 260 g/sqm

Available colours: blue, dark navy, grey

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